Audio Visual
Modern Radio House India Pvt. Ltd. is uniquely qualified to design the right audio visual solution for you because of our highly trained staff, our commitment to performing thorough needs analysis and our proven methodologies that stem from years of experience.

Our goal at MODERN RADIO HOUSE is to provide you with integrated systems & tailored solutions that will compliment your set up, thereby allowing you achieve a greater degree of productivity and efficiency.

Every project is viewed as a unique opportunity to enhance workplace communications and increase productivity.

We learn from the successes and challenges of each project we work on and consistently provide innovative, affordable, easy-to-use tools for communication.

In today's world of increasingly complex technical media installations, multi- functional devices and computer controlled sound and video system, the integration of all equipment pieces into a working system is a complex engineering task. With the goal to make the A/V system operable by personnel with differing needs and technical knowhow, the end user interface design often requires custom solutions.
Our Expertise
  • High Definition Display System
  • LED Display & Digital Signage System
  • High Definition Video Conference System
  • Wired / Wireless Audio Conference System
  • Multimedia & Interactive Presentation System
  • 3D Presentation & Display System
  • Video Wall & Interactive Video wall System
  • Automation System
  • Lighting Control System
  • Public Address System & Back Ground Music System
  • Sound Reinforcement System
  • Sound Masking System
  • Unified Control & Command System
  • Film Projection & Digital Dolby Surround Sound System
  • Home Automation & Audio- Visual System
Lighting Control
Today world support the energy conservation. Modern Radio house contribute in the same by using the technology of dimming. Dimming lights by even a small amount can result in substantial energy savings

Our goal is to create an energy efficient system to reduce energy costs.

Under the umbrella of lighting control we create various lighting scenes depending on user requirement and Functional needs.

Each unique lighting control system reflects the needs and desires of the inhabitants. There are many challenges in designing and constructing a lighting and automation system to fulfill the requirements of your clients, and Crestron offers the equipment and flexibility of design required for every one-of-a-kind solution

We design for control of lighting in office buildings, Conference Rooms, Home Theaters, Hotels, Ballrooms, Boardrooms, Restaurants, Museums, Houses of Worship, Classrooms, Banquet Rooms, sports facilities, and public spaces - anywhere centralized control is required.
Service & Maintenance
MRH India can provide customers on-site technical support on a daily, hourly, monthly or yearly basis. Services can include support of audio visual services such as equipment set up, stand-by assistance and operation of equipment.

MRH India has a growing and solid reputation for providing staff on-site at our customers' locations on a full-time basis, and can help your company significantly control the costs associated with providing this service.

We understand that our customers depend on our equipment and to support them, we have established the most complete customer support in the industry. Modern Radio House India Pvt Ltd. has a fully equipped laboratory to service and repair imported equipment as an after sales intent. To serve a large and diverse customer base we maintain a complete inventory of spare parts.

To maintain and operate the systems, we believe it is extremely important to train the staff at our clients end. We provide comprehensive and in depth operation training to personnel.
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