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Modern Radio House has been catering high-end Audio & Visual solutions to the hospitality industry for three decades.

With the advent of Large Hotel chains sprouting up all over the Indian landscape, the importance of retaining customers has become paramount. Spoilt for choice, consumers of the hospitality industry have become worldlier and far more discerning. It is now in the hands of the Hoteliers themselves to compete with one another and endeavor to provide an experience that will keep their guest returning time & time again.

It’s never advisable to generalize, though the basics in this case will always remain the same. Good food, good service, good prices and an unforgettably unique experience. The first three are independent of our capabilities, but the last, and arguably the most important, is where Modern Radio House can give you an edge… the experience.

What goes into an unforgettable 5 star experience?

Simply put, the corner stones of a quality experience are Décor, Lighting and Atmosphere to compliment fine service. Modern Radio House has a keen understanding of this and uses Audio & Video in such a way as to craft the most appealing atmosphere possible. Using high-tech and visually appealing video systems coupled with robust and ample audio systems, we generate ambiances that set our clients apart from the rest of the pack. Be it in the Restaurants, the Lobby, the Conference Hall(s) or even the rooms themselves, Modern Radio House has what it takes for you to provide that prized experience that has your guests craving for more.

Some of the key systems we can enhance your facility with are:

  • Back Ground Music Systems for Lobbies, Shopping areas, Corridors, Elevators & other public areas with automatic volume & source control facilities.
  • Powerful and discrete Audio reinforcement systems for Conference Halls, Banquet Halls, Bars, Pubs & Discothèques along with customized projection & display systems with room combining capability that maximize the utility of your venue.
  • Water proof/under water speaker systems & video displays for application in and around the swimming pool and in the bathrooms.
  • Infinitely expandable Multi-PDP displays that make Video walls of the past look archaic in comparison.
  • Total lighting solutions for the exterior of the Hotel to provide the visibility that others can only aspire to achieve.
  • Oxygen & Negative Ion generating air-purifiers in your Suites, Health Club & Gymnasium that perpetually replenish the air and leave your guests with a natural feeling of surreal calm and relaxation.
  • Complete Audio Visual & Lighting solutions for your Ballrooms , including Room Combining facilities, for A/V & Data , with a Touch panel control systems for Audio ,Video, Air conditioning & Lighting systems.
  • Interactive television systems with LCD screens for all rooms.
  • Digital signage systems with interactive Touch panel control systems for the entire hotel.

These and other quality services offered by Modern Radio House, plus its vast experience in working with the hospitality industry combine to make us the stand out choice in Audio/Visual consultancy for 5 Star Hotel projects.

From a business point of view, perhaps the most important system at you Hotel is the Conference Hall(s).

These halls are large indoor venues that are primarily used as conferencing facilities but nowadays are often used for a number of other applications too. Systems in place at conferencing facilities must provide for uniform coverage and must be flexible enough to allow for an array of diverse applications. In addition to traditional conferencing, these spaces are now increasingly being used for Theatrical performances, Live music shows and Movie screenings.

Modern Radio House has been working hand in hand with the most prominent Architects in the field of conference hall design for a number of years. Drawing from its vast degree of experience, Modern Radio house allows architects to provide acoustically sound and technologically superior Conferencing systems to their clients.
Not only an expert in Audio & Visual systems, Modern Radio House is also highly adept in the design and implementation of Centralized Control Solutions that integrate all systems and prove to be of high impact in presentation delivery and conferencing applications. These systems work with Audio & Video networks to create a single control interface that puts maximum control into the hands of the user.

Components employed in a Conference/ Meeting Rooms:

Wireless System

  • Wireless chairman unit.
  • Wireless delegate unit.
  • Wireless Control unit.
  • Charging and transport case for wireless unit.
  • Lapel wireless microphones for presentation.
  • Multimedia Speaker with amplifiers.
  • Motorized projection screen.
  • Single chip DLP projector with motorized ceiling lift.
  • Multi point Video Conferencing facility in both rooms one with MCU and other Without MCU.
  • Document cameral/visual presenter.
  • Lap-Top and Video presentation point.
  • Different Switchers, Scalars & Mixers to control all the equipments.
  • 6” wireless touch panel to control all the audio-video equipments.

Wired System

  • Boundary Layer microphone for Chairman and Delegates.
  • Automatic Mixers for Conferencing.
  • Lapel wireless microphones for presentation.
  • Multimedia Speaker with amplifiers.
  • Motorized projection screen.
  • Single chip DLP projector with motorized ceiling lift.
  • Multi point Video Conferencing facility in both rooms one with MCU and other Without MCU.
  • Document cameral visual presenter.
  • Lap-Top and Video presentation point.
  • Different Switches Scalars & Mixers to control all the equipments.
  • 6” wireless touch panel to control all the audio-video equipments.

Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Modern Radio House has significant experience in putting together and executing systems used in Pubs, Bars & Restaurants. We are capable of providing centralized Audio networks that can feed a number of locations with their own music playback with independent source selection and volume controls. These systems can be customized to any degree to include a variety of input sources supplying uninterrupted Audio playback to any number of locations.
In addition Modern Radio House can help you develop innovative display spaces (like Video walls) that are of high impact and designed to make your establishment stand out.

Discothèques & Night Clubs

Sound reinforcement systems for venues such as Night Clubs are of supreme importance. To ensure your establishment has crystal clear Audio playback and Visualization systems in place that compliment the atmosphere, allow us at Modern Radio House help you make maximize your space and provide your customers with the most memorable of experiences.
Having designed reputed Night Clubs such as Djinn’s in the Hyatt Regency and FTV Night Club, Modern Radio House is second to none in this arena and brings a vast degree of experience to the table when employed as a consultant on the same.

Lobby, Elevators, Shopping Arcades & other Public Areas

Back ground music is vital in maintaining the moods and ambiance so carefully constructed in the rest of the Hotel. They form an integral part of the first and last impression left on you clients and hence must be treated as vital to over all environment of the Hotel. Modern Radio House understands this need and is adept in putting into place microprocessor based BGM systems that permeate every corner of a Hotel with soothing & relaxing music. This includes areas such as entrances to the Lobby and the peripheral garden areas.
These systems, since they are under the control of a central system can be integrated with minimal cost to the emergency evacuation, fire alarm & paging systems in place. Safety considerations of this nature are tantamount to large structures such as Hotels.

Suites & Rooms

Modern Radio House can provide you with interactive TV systems that include features such as Video-on-demand. We can supply LCD TVs for your rooms that are both highly functional and visually appealing to your guests. In addition, we can provide Oxygen & Negative Ion generating Air purifiers that ensure your guest have the most pleasurable sleeping experience possible.

Health Clubs & Gymnasiums

Once again music & video display form a major part in setting you apart from your competitors in this area. Centralized control and local volume & source selection make these systems far superior to the music systems of the past and can be integrated to evacuation and paging systems at barely any additional cost.
The Oxygen & Negative Ion generating systems mentioned above also find immense application in this sphere as the smaller, desk mounted units function to facilitate aroma therapy sessions and coupled with a massage; make for the ultimate in relaxation experiences.

Facade Lighting

Modern Radio House can provide you with powerful, fully weather proof- IP 65 grade external lighting systems that make your building literally glow like a pearl in the sea of city lights. These lights ensure visibility and help in forming that all important first impression in the minds of your guests.

Car Calling Systems

Robust waterproof car calling systems ensure you guests will not find themselves waiting in front of the Hotel waiting for their drivers to bring their cars to them. Simple as these systems may be, their effectiveness is essential to the free flow of patrons in and out of your establishment. Modern Radio House can help you ensure all these systems are in place and functioning no matter what the external factors may be.

Mobile Audio & Visual Systems

Modern Radio House will also deliver a complete Audio & Visual system that can be used for multiple applications in & outdoor. This system will feature maximum mobility and will give you the flexibility to use it in multiple capacities, anywhere in & around the Hotel. Such a system will add reliability to your establishment as you will no